Director's Note

When you look through your life experiences, what are the things you remember most about your friendships? Love. Support. Caring. Laughter. Tears. All of those memories keep your friends close to your heart even when they're gone from this world. We can't stop life from happening, but we can be kind to one another, cheer for one another and hold one another up when life seems to be trying to tear us down. We can show up when our friends are in need, We can comfort one another in times of sorrow. And... we can laugh. Surround yourself with strong, caring and loving friends...what a great feeling to know you can turn to them when you need to cry or laugh. When M'Lynn says she wanted to come to the beauty shop that morning, I think it speaks volumes. She knew she would be enveloped in love from all of them and that is what she needed. This show is dedicated to my friends; those near and far, those living and those who have gone on...I love you all.

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