Emeritus Board Members

To be selected as an Emeriti, a candidate must have dedicated at least 25 years of active service to the theatre. They must also have served at least two full terms on the Board of Governors. It is a lifetime appointment that includes complimentary season tickets. The first Emeriti was selected in the 1988-1989 season. An Emeritus member of Community Players is the highest honor we can give to any volunteer.

We are so appreciative of our Emeriti's years of service and contributions. Community Players Theatre Emeritus Board Members include:

Hilda Gummerman*
Named in 1988-1989

Jack Ingold*
Named in 2000-2001

Tony Holloway*
Named in 2001-2002

Jobie Tick*
Named in 2002-2003

Arvon D. (Jake) Jacobssen*
Named in 2003-2004

Carolyn Beyer*
Named in 2004-2005

Bruce Parrish
Named in 2007-2008

Paul Dillow
Named in 2009-2010

Eddy Arteman
Named in 2010-2011

Kathy Parrish
Named in 2013-2014

Gary Schwartz
Named in 2013-2014

L. Jane Thomley
Named in 2013-2014

Alan Wilson
Named in 2013-2014

Jeremy Stiller
Named in 2018-2019

Opal Virtue
Named in 2018-2019

Marcia Weiss
Named in 2018-2019

John Lieder
Named in 2019-2020

Carol Plotkin
Named in 2019-2020

Theresa Kerber
Named in 2021-2022

Dan Virtue
Named in 2021-2022

Wendy Cottone
Named in 2022-2023

Rich Plotkin
Named in 2022-2023

*indicates deceased