The Haunted House


April 10 & 11, 1929


Illini Theatre


This play provides delightful scenes of comedy alternating with dramatic thrills. Jack and Emily, just married, arrive at Emily’s father’s summer cottage. An armed tramp is already there, concealed. Queer sounds are heard in the house. Jack is followed by his ex-girlfriend who threatens to ruin his marriage; he counters with a threat to murder her. A few minutes later she is found murdered outside. The local sheriff, a New York detective, and especially a neighbor who writes mystery stories try to solve the mystery. Several people are arrested, including the bride and finally her father, before the mystery turns out to be a humorous storm in a teacup. In the last act, all of the characters having drunk a truth-potion, do indeed tell the truth with hilarious results.

Author: Owen Davis

Historian’s Corner

The Haunted House was the first production of the Players’ to have a two night run. The program asked the Wednesday night audience not to reveal the solution to the mystery of “Who killed Isabel?” Let your friends have fun trying to solve the mystery. Also of interest, Clayton Staples had his art students design posters for the show; as a result, the ads have a certain adolescent flair.