Pomeroy’s Past


October 29 & 30, 1936


Majestic Theatre


Dejected because Pomeroy Chilton believes his sweetheart, Mary is going to marry his best friend, Edward Marsh. Pomeroy decides to adopt a little girl. Pomeroy’s older sister, Amanda insisting the child must be his own, forces Pomeroy to lie, so he insists that the child’s mother refused to marry him because she found the Episcopol service boring. Complications pile on after a maid, Francesca claims that the girl is hers. By curtain time, with a satisfactory conclusion, Pomeroy finds that Mary does prefer him after all.

Author: Clare Kummer

Historian’s Corner

Along with the announcement of the opening of the show, which would be held at the Majestic Theatre, the executive committee of the board announced that all five shows would be produced this season at the Majestic Theatre.