My Three Angels


December 1 & 2, 1955


Scottish Rite Temple


The scene is French Guiana, where on Christmas Day the temperature has graciously dropped to 104 degrees. Three convicts are employed as roofers by the Felix Ducotel family. Eavesdropping from above, they learn that an evil-minded cousin, Henri Trochard, is determined to oust Felix from his business, and Paul, a cold-blooded nephew, plans to jilt Felix’s daughter, Marie Louise, for an heiress. The three convicts–Joseph, who was a swindler selling stock for a company that produced bottled air; Jules, who killed his wife when she was found with her lover; and Alfred, who killed his rich uncle for the love of a girl when he was refused a financial request–take the visitors on. All three of the convicts have warm hearts and are passionate believers in justice. Possessing every criminal art and penal grace, they set the matter right with the help of Adolphe, a poisonous snake, and in doing so redeem themselves as real life angels to the grateful Ducotel family.

Authors: Sam & Bella Spewack

Historian’s Corner

In an effort to help out the Players, Fred Muxfeld graciously stepped into the part of Joseph, one of the three angels, with less than two weeks before the opening performance. Fred had replaced Alfred Johannes who was originally scheduled to play Joseph. Don Freese, playing Alfred, the third angel, probably had the longest absence between recent productions. Don, at age 10 had last been seen in the 1935 production of “Big Hearted Herbert.”