Jenny Kissed Me


December 4 & 5, 1952


Scottish Rite Temple


A charming young girl, Jenny, age 18, comes to live with an elderly priest, Father Moynihan. Jenny is the precise opposite of the smart sophisticated young miss that Father Moynihan expected, so he endeavors to make Jenny attractive to boys. Studying women’s magazines and getting pointers on feminine psychology and new fashions, he is so successful that he nearly overplays his hand. The play is made doubly amusing by several young girls and boys, all of whom manage to make Jenny “hep.” Or rather, so they think, since Jenny remains to the end a simple and attractive girl, and her union with the man she loves is a proper solution to all of the plots and plans of the various characters.

Author: Jean Kerr

Historian’s Corner

In honor of the eight high school students in the cast of “Jenny Kissed Me,” 36 high school students served as ushers for the production.