Finishing Touches


October 3-4, 9-11, 16-18, 1975


Community Players Theatre


Katy and Jeff Cooper have three sons (one a Harvard senior), a comfortable suburban home, and the prospect of a full professorship in English for Jeff. But somehow the bloom has worn off their marriage: Jeff is at that dangerous age where an attractive student has caught his eye; while Katy is more receptive than she might admit to the attentions of the attractive bachelor professor who rents their garage apartment. Yet when their Harvard son returns home with a lovely young actress who proves to be his mistress, it rather shocks his conventional parents but also triggers the hilarious, and headlong, events that form the central action of the play. Fortunately the resultant crises are resolved in due course, and with all the skill, taste, and perceptive humor that have become hallmarks of Jean Kerr’s unique comic gift.

Author: Jean Kerr

Historian’s Corner

1,634 season tickets had been sold before the opening of the first production of the 1975-1976 Season. This number was 241 less than the previous season. The prices had remained at $8.00 for season tickets. “Finishing Touches,” a Jean Kerr comedy, was the opening show. The reviewer praised everything about this production: the actors, the pacing, the sound effects, and the set. There was a special mention given to the sound guy, Greg Beamer, for what was referred to as perfectly selected sound effects and their timing in the show.