October 20, 1944


Majestic Theatre


Claudia, married to David, a promising architect, is emotionally a little girl still attached to her mother. Her mother, Mrs. Brown, is no more happy over this fact than is David, and between the two exists a complete understanding of her problem. But one day Claudia passes three important milestones. She tries to make David jealous by practicing her sex appeal on a British author who lives near their farm. She discovers she’s going to have a child. Finally, she learns her mother has only a short time to live. The play deals with Claudia’s meeting of life and her accepting the demands living makes upon her. At the end, she’s still the same engaging young woman, but now she’s achieved a spiritual stature which promises a rich and happy fulfillment of her marriage.

Author: Rose Franken

Historian’s Corner

A near capacity crowd attended the one showing of “Claudia.” This would be Community Players last season to be held at The Majestic Theatre. The theatre, built in 1910, had 1,154 seats and two balconies. The interior frescoes featured “delicate green pea, gold and old rose tints.” The ladies “retiring room” (with “maids in attendance”) and “gentlemen’s smoking room” were on the mezzanine. There were six ground floor exits, and the balconies emptied by separate stairs and exits, with the fire escape on the exposed wall along East Street. The building was closed before Players final show of the season and was ultimately torn down in 1956.