Bell, Book and Candle


December 3 & 4, 1953


Scottish Rite Temple


Gillian Holroyd is one of the few people who can actually perform supernatural feats. She casts a spell over an unattached publisher, Sherherd Henderson, partly to keep him away from a rival and partly because she is attracted to him. Shepherd falls head over heels in love with Gillian at once and wants to marry her, but witches, unfortunately, cannot fall in love, and this minute imperfection leads into a number of difficulties. Ultimately, the lady breaks off with her companions in witchery, preferring the mortal and human love offered to her by the attractive publisher.

Author: John Van Druten

Historian’s Corner

In a Pantagraph article, the casting chairman put out a call for a Siamese cat to portray the part of Pyewacket in “Bell, Book and Candle.” The article went on to say, “Siamese preferred, but will consider black ones. Must have a wicked looking face.” Earning the part of Pyewacket was Camelot’s Duke of Middleseck.