Absence of a Cello


February 16-17, 21-24, 28 & March 1-4, 1973


Community Players Theatre


“Absence of a Cello” is about a physicist who needs money so desperately that he turns to a $60,000-a-year job offered by a big corporation. He wants the job, but does the company want him? Mr. Personnel is sent to find out. What seems to be a shopworn target—individuality verses conformity—turns out to be comic discussion of honesty and truth. After being coached on what the company wants, the physicist hides his cello, changes his clothes and his lifestyle—everything that he and his wife profess to believe. What follows is a comical play around the concept of industrial conformity.

Author: Ira Wallach

Historian’s Corner

“Absence of a Cello” had a cast of only seven actors. Each actor as well as the producer and the director received their own page in the program with their photo and biography. Also in the program was a call to any patrons who had attended Players’shows 45 to 50 years ago to tell the Players’ board how they thought the 50th season should be celebrated. A new student ticket rate of $1.50 for single admission was announced for Wednesday and Thursday nights. For these same nights, group rates of 25 or more persons could receive a ticket rate of $2.00 per person instead of the standard rate of $2.50.