Summary of Minutes – December 16 2014

Notice given and presence of a quorum.

Planning to get painting of the lobby done for the opening of “Of Mice and Men”.

Productive Theatre document has been updated.

Continue to add followers on social media.  731 Twitter, 124 Instagram, and 2579 Facebook.

Planning a cleanup day for the shop area sometime in April.

Upcoming Events:

Season announcement party – January 31

Bring It and Sing It Family Night – February 6

Bring It and Sing It and Merlot and a Masterpiece (Adults only) – February 7

Next meeting – Tuesday, January 27, 2015, 6:00 pm at Community Players Theatre.


Summary of Minutes – January 27, 2015

Notice given and presence of a quorum.

Still seeking nominations for board positions.  Will present slate at the next board meeting.  See information online, if interested.

Painting of the lobby walls is just about completed.  The next items on our agenda for renovations includes installing baseboards and flooring, and putting up drywall in both bathrooms.

Cleaning day being planned for shop area in late March/early April.  Will need 6-12 volunteers to help on that day.  A list of tasks is being generated.

Staff selection for next season will be presented at the March board meeting.  Staff application forms were handed out at Saturday’s reveal party.  Forms can also be obtained online at our website. They are due March 2.

Upcoming events:

Bring It/Sing It (Family Edition) Friday, February 6, at the theatre.

Bring It/Sing It (Adult Edition) Saturday, February 7, at Merlot and a Masterpiece.

Casino Night, April 11

Barnes and Noble Fundraiser, June 27

Please check our website for more information on these events.

Next meeting February 17, 2015, 6:00 pm at Community Players Theatre.
Submitted by Judy Stroh