To help celebrate their milestone anniversary Vrooman Mansion is partnering with Community Players Theatre to bring a murder mystery to the Bloomington-Normal Community this October. To make this mysterious event possible we will be seeking a variety of actors for this murderous event! We are looking for men and woman of all ages, ethnicities, and body types.

Auditions are September 9th & 10th starting at 7pm at Community Players Theatre. Please have a 1-minute comedic or dramatic monologue prepared, and anticipate participating in various improv games & activities as part of the audition. You must be 18 years of age or older to audition. If you need to schedule an early audition please contact the director (information below).

Performances will be October 25th & 26th. Rehearsals will be on Sundays from 6:00pm – 8:00pm beginning September 22nd with additional rehearsals added as we get closer to performance dates (these will be determined based on cast availability).

Mr. Richard Moneybags, newest owner of the recently vacated Vrooman Mansion, is throwing his first housewarming party, and he couldn’t be more electrified. Sadly, as our night unfolds, he becomes electrified… TO THE DEATH. With both guests and players working together to solve his mysterious departure from this mortal plane, we find out there is something more sinister and premeditated going on inside the mansion…

Character Breakdown:

THE GREAT KEYTINI (MALE, 21-40): Born William Keetowitz, The Great Keytini has tickled the ivories for too long and now he’s using his piano fame to spark the flames on his biggest passion: magic! He’s a skilled piano player, a goofball and, quite honestly, pretty lame.
ISABELLE CARUSO (FEMALE, 21-40): Isabelle is the devoted partner of the mansion’s owner, Richard Moneybags, and has no problem with being a (quote, unquote) trophy wife. Kindhearted, Emotional and Bubbly.
PLAGIARISM (MALE, 21-50): Plagiarism (Legal name IS italicized) is a popular rap/country/Pirate-Metal music producer. His catalog is extensive, and his money is… “immensive.” He’s cocky, brash, and cool as the sunglasses emoji.
DR. MAXIME MEURTRIER (FEMALE, 21-70): Dr. Maxime Meurtrier is one of the top 50 neurologists in the country, and her favorite pastime is digesting all forms of murder mystery entertainment. She’s suave, cunning and a Slytherin.
BARNEY CAMPBELL (MALE, 40-80): Barney has buttled (the act of butlering) for the Moneybags family since Richard Moneybags was a child. He is married to Gertrude Campbell, but has been very focused on his work since Mr. Moneybags has moved his staff to this newly acquired mansion. He is aloof, devoted and a little flamboyant.
GERTRUDE CAMPBELL (FEMALE, 40-80): Gertrude Campbell is a maid for the Moneybags family, and is married to Barney. She loves her husband dearly, but has noticed that, recently, he’s been distant while devoting every waking moment to his job since the staff was moved to the new mansion. She is trusting, motherly and stern.
CHEF D’AIOLI (MALE, 30-70): Chef d’Aioli is a world-renowned chef, owner of a Michelin Star restaurant and a certified gentleman. He has spent his life trying to concoct the dish that will put him in the Cuisinart Hall of Fame. He is a chef, a gentleman, and is VERY French.
ANN RAND (FEMALE, 21-40): Ann Rand (no relation) is an anarchist through and through. She burns things, spray paints, and would say curse words to kids if she had a good enough reason. She’s unstable, unreliable and is a true romantic at heart.
For additional questions please email Director, Ashleigh Feger at [email protected]