The Community Players Annual Meeting will take place Tuesday, April 16 at 6pm at 201 Robinhood Ln in Bloomington

We will have two brief presentations from current Board of Governor Chairs: the 2024 Draft Budget, and the state of the CPT Reno Campaign and Timeline.

The meeting will also include a vote for several Board of Governor Chairs up for election. You must be a current and active member of CPT to vote. Please prepare ahead of time by reading the nominees’ write-ups below.

Board Election Nominees

  • Treasurer
    • Britni Williams (Incumbent)
  • Play Reading
    • Wendy Cottone
    • Ashleigh Feger
  • Events and Membership
    • Opal Virtue (Incumbent)
    • Tre’Veon Campbell
    • Kelly Ferguson
  • ​​​​​​​​​House & Grounds
    • Jeff Ready (Incumbent)
  • Set, Shop, & Props
    • Michael Ainslie (Incumbent)
  • Social Media & Website
    • Megan McDillon

Nominee Write-ups


  • Britni Williams (Incumbent)
    • Britni Williams has been the Treasurer for Community Players Theatre for the 2023-2024 season and served as the Treasurer Understudy for the 2022-2023 season. Britni has been involved at Community Players since 2019. Britni’s financial background includes 2 years in government finance with the Town of Normal and 3 years at First National Bank of Pennsylvania. She also currently serves on the Finance Committee of the Municipal Clerks of Illinois.

Play Reading

  • Wendy Cottone
    • First, thank you for the opportunity to be considered for the upcoming opening of the Play Reading Chair position on the Board of Governors. I am extremely excited to get a chance to make a difference on the board again. I have had a long and wonderful relationship with Community Players starting all the way back in the 90’s as a performer. Over the decades I have had the opportunity to not only perform on the stage, but also be on multiple staffs in both choreographer and director positions. In addition, I have served previously on the board as the membership chair, vice president and president. Each role has helped me grow in not only what it means to be a board member, but also providing opportunities to work on many special projects such as leading the first committee for the auditorium renovation. I have also served on the play reading committee multiple times through my board member positions.
      All of these experiences on stage, off stage and previously on the board have prepared me to jump in and quickly execute within the role. I believe that looking for ways to bring more diversity and inclusion into our seasons while being fiscally responsible should be at the core of our approach. Selecting shows that challenge our boundaries as art, attracting talented artists and staff, managing expenses and drawing the next generation of patrons all must be balanced. I would plan to create a team that has varied backgrounds and experiences to achieve these goals.
      One last skillset I have is as a leader at my day job. I lead multiple teams of people through difficult discussions and complex topics. I honor the leadership mantra of “all voices are equal” while also successfully being able to deliver results in a timely manner. I have excellent communication skills and deliver on my commitments.
      Thank you for your consideration
  • Ashleigh Feger
    • My name is Ashleigh Rae-Lynn Feger, and it is with great pride that I submit my name for the Play Reading Chair.
      I have been involved with Community Players Theatre since 2009. I have been privileged to serve as a director, producer, actor, assistant director, stage manager, choreographer, costume designer, sound engineer, lighting designer, set designer, props master, and house manager for a variety of plays and musicals put on at Community Players. I also served as Secretary for the Board of Governors from 2017-2023.
      I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts and Drama, a Master of Science in Theatre Studies, and a certification from the Casting Society of America for completion of their Casting Pathway Program, an elite program designed to foster the creativity and knowledge of upcoming casting professionals. Thanks to my education and my work on independent projects, I am fluent in navigating sites such as Music Theatre International (MTI), Concord Theatrical, Dramatists Play Servies, etc. and obtaining rights and royalties for projects.
      I was once told by one of my casting mentors, that our job as casting professionals is to do justice to the script and the words on the page. I believe that to be a similar mindset of any board position but particularly for the Play Reading Chair. We are responsible for bringing shows to the stage that support the mission of the theatre by doing shows that people not only want to see but shows that will continue to grow Community Players and their membership, patronage, and financial stability as a non-profit organization. Not only do I have a wide knowledge of plays, musicals, and Community Players, but thanks to my local podcast as well as work with other area theatres, I have a great understanding of the theatre community here in Bloomington-Normal and what they are ready for.
      We must pay respect to the members and patrons who have been supporting CPT for decades now, but we must also acknowledge the changing world and changing generations. I believe that as the Play Reading chair I can bridge the gap between the different demographics by having a committee that works to appeal to everyone when it comes to selecting plays to entice younger audiences, doing big name musicals for financial success, but also looking at some lesser known shows to expand everyone’s knowledge on what they consider a musical and play to be.
      I want to bring back more community involvement in the selection of our season. Back in the day there was a survey sent out to members, that was shared on the website, and social media where one was provided with a list of shows they wanted to see. They could fill this out and submit it back. The last time something like this was done was back in 2018. I would love to bring back these surveys but more so with a revamp. Have it as more of a suggestion box where individuals can submit 3 musicals and 3 plays with brief descriptions of why they want to see them and why they think they should be done on the CPT stage. I think we can also collaborate with the Box Office to even have a physical version of this so those who do not have social media can participate as well.
      I am aware that coming into the position I will be responsible for planning the season involving the renovation. Previously serving on the board during the time when the renovation campaign started, Covid-19 years, and post has leant itself to my knowledge of how the renovation is set up and set to work as well how to navigate a non-traditional season.
      As I mentioned above, the Play Reading Chair and their Committee are responsible for doing justice to the theatre. The committee needs to be made up of a wide variety of individuals of different ages, gender identities, race, ethnicities, and including experts in certain areas like set and costumes. I will ensure the selection process of individuals for the committee will strive to find individuals there for the same reason as I am. To do justice to the organization and to bridge that gap.
      Thank you for your consideration and please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.
      Ashleigh Rae-Lynn Feger

Events and Membership

  • Opal Virtue (Incumbent)
    • I have been doing this Job for two years. I have collected membership dues for 14 shows. I have proposed and organized 7 events. I bring 25 years of experience in event planning and countless years of organizing and record keeping. I love people and take every opportunity to encourage people to come see what Community Players is all about. I have been involved at Players for almost 40 years and love giving my time to an organization that offers so much enjoyment to the community. If reelected, I will continue to try to grow membership and offer events for said members. I believe if we are asking people to be members, there should be perks for that. I will work with Fundraising to continue to raise money for the upcoming renovation. I would love to continue to serve on the Board of Governors.
  • Tre’Veon Campbell
    • Hello!, my name is Tre’Veon Campbell I am 22 years old and I have been with Community Players since 2021, but I have been doing theater since 2018. What I feel I could bring to the position is having event’s that has a little something for all ages . I feel that it is very important to include everyone in any events that I could potentially be putting on. I want CPT to feel like a home for everyone else as it has felt like a home to me. I am very familiar with putting on events and working with others as I have been on a board before at Lincoln College in Lincoln, Illinois for their gospel choir. I served as the Vice President and all of us on the board worked as the event committee and we were able to put on multiple fantastic events. What I would also bring to the position is making sure all audition forms and membership forms and any other forms are up-to-date , also making sure that we are getting the membership money in a timely manner. I feel that having diversity on the board is very important and not only does it help the board grow, but it also helps the community of the theater grow as well when people are seeing that the board has POC , different ages , body types and gender identity’s. If I am elected, I will do my absolute best to make sure everyone feels welcomed and loved at Community Players and to also make sure Community Players continues to keep growing.
      Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to read this. Hope you guys have a great day!!!
      Tre Campbell.
  • Kelly Ferguson
    • My first show at CPT was in the year 2000 as a member of the children’s choir in Joseph. I have spent more time away than here, but after school and 7 years in Chicago I have been so excited to be back. My love for the theater and Community Players has grown significantly during this time and I’m excited to help play even a small part in helping to plan for and shape the future of our community.
      I am seeking to fill the Membership and Events position for the next term. Over the past few years I’ve grown very passionate about our audience being reflected on stage. We all come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and thinkers, and this rings true for any place we could dream of taking our audience to. One of the ways we can continue to make this true is by widening our membership base. As the Membership and Events chair I hope to work with the other members of the board to increase our social media and marketing presence through outreach.
      Almost all of my jobs have been customer service and hospitality based and through this time I have learned to work with a large variety of people, with vast working differences. I hope to use this and the other people, and administrative skills I have acquired through the years to keep records organized and consistent. I hope to work with our production teams to keep thorough records of all volunteers ensuring records are ready if needed. I also feel these are great opportunities to work on expanding our membership base to more than only those who are cast.
      I am excited to draw on my hospitality experience specifically, and to work with an awesome Events committee to help plan some fun and amazing events for our members. With the upcoming renovation I hope to keep our members together during our downtime with free events that aren’t performance based, such as game nights and possibly even member events to improve the basement space while we work to update the theater.
      Now more than ever it’s important that we keep the theater an open and safe place and I hope that I can play even a small part in ensuring all members and potential members feel welcomed in the theater and grow to become as passionate as I have.
      Kelly Ferguson

House & Grounds

  • Jeff Ready (Incumbent)
    • Jeff has been performing the duties of the House & Grounds Chairperson for the past few years and is running unopposed.

Set, Shop, & Props

  • Michael Ainslie (Incumbent)
    • Michael has been performing the duties of the Set, Shop, & Props Chairperson for the past few years and is running unopposed.

Social Media & Website

  • Megan McDillon
    • Greetings to those that this letter is reaching! My name is Megan McDillon, and I am
      interested and excited to be considered for the position of social media and website for the
      Community Players Theatre board of governors. I have been a member of CPT since the summer of 2021, participating both onstage and offstage in shows like Miscast Cabaret, Jesus Christ Superstar, Newsies, and Fiddler on the Roof. I found CPT at a time where a community like this was so needed in my life, and I am grateful for the opportunities, environment, and friendships it has provided me. With that, I would love to return that gratitude in providing to the growth and continuation of this theatre.
      Social media and website management has always been a special passion of mine. I grew
      up learning graphic design and digital media training. In my high school days, I participated in our top level graphic design class, leading charges that created designs for posters,
      advertisements, and t-shirts needed for our school. Specifically, I would love creating
      promotional materials for our plays and musicals, which I also participated in as a performer. It was fun having a foot in both worlds! Moving into college, I took on leadership roles in three different registered student organizations at Illinois State University. While leading as president for two of them (Sigma Alpha Iota, a music fraternity, and the ISU chapter of the American Choral Directors Association), I spent three years as the social media chair for On The Brink Of Normal a cappella. On The Brink Of Normal (OTBON for short) is one of four a cappella groups on ISU’s campus, and promotion for groups via social media is crucial in getting word out about upcoming auditions, concert dates, and more. When voted into this role, I saw the opportunity to not only reshape what we already had, but elevate what we presented as ourselves and our group to a whole new level. New steps in OTBON’s social media included the following:

      • Selecting a specific hex code to be included in all social media posts, so all posts and announcements were color coordinated (Hex code #15b5a9 for all my color nerds out there)
      • Designing a new logo for our group from scratch
      • Create a new website to promote our members and events I was incredibly proud of the work that was put into that page, but most importantly, it was FUN.
    • Having a routine, that design outlet, truly was a great break in the day, and I loved every minute of it.
      Now, the important part, how this can translate to Community Players’ social media platforms. Firstly, I want to give a shoutout to Morgan Rondinelli for the absolutely incredible work she’s done with CPT’s social media and website. I always know that CPT posts are going to look great and be posted consistently, and that is all because of her dedication and hard work, and I hope she knows that! I would like to begin by highlighting things Morgan has done that I would like to continue. One of the more recent additions to social media has been viewing the Legacy Award. Seeing ensemble members be highlighted for their work is so, SO important, and I would happily take the time and do the research needed to keep this award going. Other things in current CPT social media I would plan to continue include:

      • Instagram takeovers
        • These are always so fun to watch, and it really allows us to see the people behind the making of our shows
      • Consistency in posting times
        • Making sure to find the right times to post, as well as keeping a strong presence by posting multiple times throughout a week, is very important to keeping an online following
      • Fundraising and Giveaways
        • One way to get fast engagement through social media is through incentive! We could use social media to do fundraising opportunities like Venmo bingos, giveaways of merch, etc.
      • TikTok!
        • My fun fact I like to throw out is that I once had a TikTok get a million views and 300k likes (so famous, I know). Why is this important? Knowing how the TikTok algorithm works can be so important to getting new followers! Keeping up with TikTok trends can help promote our shows and events in funny, entertaining ways.
    • Along with those continuations, I would love to bring some new concepts to our platforms! One idea I had was bringing a “meet the cast” countdown to our shows, highlighting our cast and crew in the days that lead up to our performances. Along with that, in the world of podcasts and their success in recent years, I think developing some kind of CPT specific podcast could bring in a new engagement of followers. I have recently loved listening to Raising the Curtain, a local theatre podcast by Ashleigh Rae-Lynn, and I think using the podcast world to talk back with directors, board members, and cast members could bring something that listeners would enjoy!
      The possibilities across both our social media platforms and website are endless. In many ways, social media is what reaches a viewer first in learning about our theatre and its history, and I would take incredible care and time into continuing and growing the amazing outreach we already have.
      Taking the time to serve on this board and dedicate time to this position would be a high priority for me if selected. I consider myself to be someone who knows how to stand strong in a leadership position, knowing my responsibilities and making sure to uphold them. I would make sure to be diligent and organized with my work, as that is what this organization deserves. Being able to give back and promote the growth of this theatre is the ultimate goal.
      I would once again like to thank you for your consideration in this position. Regardless of the outcome, I am excited to see what the future holds for Community Players Theatre and its many years to come!