Announcing the Directors and Producers for our 101st Season!

Updated April 20, 2023 with producers for Holiday on Robinhood Lane and Mary Poppins.
Director: Rich Tinaglia
Producers: A.J. Ainsle and Chris Tervin
Fiddler on the Roof
Directors: Bruce and Kathy Parrish
Producers: Darlene Lloyd and Jay Hartzler
Holiday on Robinhood Lane
Director: Matt Dratt
Producer: Maggie Borkholder
Twelve Angry Jurors
Director: Jeff Ready
Producer: Shireen Banigan
Young Frankenstein
Director: Marcia Weiss
Producers: Sally Baugh and Tre Campbell
I Hate Hamlet
Director: Sally Parry
Producers: Cristan Embree and Avery Schoen
Mary Poppins
Director: Erica O’Neill
Producers: Latrisha Green and Dani Wipperman