Congratulations to all and a special thank you to everyone who auditioned! We had a wonderful turn out and tons of talent. We hope to see you all in the future.

Narrator/Mysterious Man- Bob McLaughlin
Cinderella- Erin Box
Jack- Joel Shoemaker
Jack’s Mother- Emily Ohmart
Baker- Chad Kirvan
Baker’s Wife- Nikki Aitken
Cinderella’s Stepmother- Missy Freese
Florinda- Trisha Bagby
Lucinda- Bailey Asmar
Cinderella’s Father- Kalen McGowan
Little Red Ridinghood- Ali Lockenvitz
Witch- Cris Embree
Cinderella’s Prince/Wolf- Chris Stanford
Rapunzel- Lara Semetko
Rapunzel’s Prince- Danny Provis
Steward- Rachel Hall
Cinderella’s Mother/Giant/Granny- Natasha Warloe
Sleeping Beauty- Kelly Rosendahl
Snow White- Tiffany Tackett
Milky White- Dana Matuszyk