CPT's 2020 Annual Meeting - Virtual Board Election

As many of you know due to COVID-19 we had to postpone this year's annual meeting and Board election from April 2020 to May 2020. Since we are unable to meet in person, rather than push the election further out, we have decided to hold the election virtually. Electronic ballots will be sent via email on May 9 as a specialized link to all Members who are eligible to vote. They will have until 6pm May 11 to submit their ballot. (See below for eligibility.)

We also usually share with our Members the annual treasurer's report, updates from our Board President, and other reports from various Board members. This information will be shared with our Members at a later date in a virtual format.

Voting eligibility:

  • You must have participated in a show as cast/staff or volunteered at the theatre in some capacity within the past 5 seasons.
  • You must be current on your Membership dues, $20.

If you have not paid this season's dues, you will have from May 1 - 8 to do so. Please click HERE to pay your dues electronically.** We will not be accepting other forms of payment at this time. If you are unsure whether or not you are current on this season's dues, please contact our Membership Chairperson, Kallie Bundy, at [email protected].

Prior to voting, please take a few moments to read through the requests for consideration submitted by this year's candidates. The following Board positions are being voted on: Treasurer, Set Shop & Props, Playreading*, House & Grounds, Ad Sales & PR, and Technology & Social Media. Their write-ups can be found HERE.

*There are 4 candidates running for the position of Playreading Chairperson. If one single candidate does not receive 51% of the votes in the election the bottom 1 or 2 candidate (depending on percentage) will be dropped from the second round of voting. The secondary run off election will be administered the evening of May 11 with a May 12 6pm deadline.

**If you are not current on this season's dues and have a hardship, please contact Membership Chairperson, Kallie Bundy, at [email protected]