Whistling in the Dark


March 21 & 22, 1935


Majestic Theatre


Wallace Porter, a writer of crime fiction, becomes innocently involved (as the author) in the perfect murder plot with which gangster Jake Dillon and his gang hope to dispose of their nemesis the head of the New York Crime Commission. Wallace is also confronted with the problems of escape for himself and his fiancee; otherwise, they will be taken on a last, long ride from which there would be no returning. How Wallace informs the police of his whereabouts provides the climax of a thrilling comedy which is packed with laughs and suspense.

Authors: Lawrence Gross and Edward Childs Carpenter

Historian’s Corner

With patron requests for a “crook mystery play”, Mr. Clyde Noble, President of Community Players, commented, “Whistling in the Dark”, is head and shoulders above all other available dramas of this type. This choice of play should nicely answer those requests.”