Wait Until Dark (1971)


November 26-27 & December 1-4, 8-11, 1971


Community Players Theatre


One of the theatre’s most terrifying games of cat and mouse takes place in the quaint Greenwich Village 1960’s apartment of Sam and Susie Hendrix. Desperate to regain a mysterious doll stuffed with illegal drugs (for which a con man and thieves would kill), the con man, Harry Roat, Jr., lays a trap to ensnare blind Susie Hendrix. With the help of two criminal sidekicks, Mike Talon and Carlino, and some clever disguises, Harry Roat, Jr. spins a tale to fool the unsuspecting Susie. When the doll cannot be found, the situation spins out of control as all wait until dark to play out the classic thrilling and chilling conclusion. “Wait Until Dark” was written by the same author who wrote “Dial “M” for Murder.”

Author: Frederich Knott

Historian’s Corner

In an interesting spin on the casting of the main character, Penny Hall, a legally blind woman, was cast as Susie Hendrix, a blind woman. Mrs. Hall was encouraged to audition by her neighbors and much to Penny’s surprise, she was cast. The set for the show had to be constructed by the beginning of the rehearsal period, so that Mrs. Hall could safely find her way around the stage. The character of Susie has been blind for only a year, while Mrs. Hall lost most of her sight by her teen years. One of the most difficult things for Mrs. Hall to remember in the early stages of rehearsal was that she must show Susie as fragile at the beginning of the play, but extremely strong by the end of the show. This successful mystery-thriller was held over for an additional performance to benefit the McLean County Heart Association. There were no reserved seats, and all tickets were $5.00. The benefit was a financial success for the McLean Country Heart Association.