Two For The Seesaw


April 11-12, 14-19, 1969


Community Players Theatre


“Two For The Seesaw” tells the story of Gittel Mosca, a girl from the Bronx, whose love for the lonesome lawyer, Jerry Ryan, brings a few months of happiness into their lives. Jerry, a lawyer from the Midwest, is rebelling from his wife and her controlling family and seeks escape in New York City. Jerry has taken up residence with Gittel, a rare woman whose only purpose seems to be making others happy. Their briefly fulfilling relationship is unhappily destined to failure. Although this cultured gentile from the Midwest and this plain Jewish girl with little education and a horrible Bronx accent do share happy and humorous moments together, they both see with sadness the utter hopelessness of the affair.

Author: William Gibson

Historian’s Corner

In the “Two For The Seesaw” program, Dr. Baltz’s “Nostalgia” section concluded with the time period covering from 1956 to 1969. At the May 12th board meeting, a motion was approved to change show dates for all productions starting in the 1969-1970 season. All shows would now have a 10 performance run starting with the opening weekend running Friday and Saturday nights. The next two weeks would be Wednesday through Saturday nights. This motion passed and these show dates stayed in place until the mid-seventies.