Tonight At Eight-Thirty (three one act plays)


April 4 & 5, 1957


Scottish Rite Temple

Synopsis - Hands Across the Sea

“Hands across the Sea” tells of wreathy socialite Lady Maureen Gilpin, known as “Piggie,” who is trying to deal graciously with a visit from a couple she forgot she had invited. Mr. and Mrs. Wadhurst had recently hosted her at their plantation in Malaya. The problem is that “Piggie” barely remembers them.

Synopsis - Family Album

“Family Album” tells what happens after Papa has passed away and his Featherways progeny have gathered at the manor to divide up the spoils. All seems quite giddy except for Lavinia Featherways. She knows something the others don’t know—as does the butler, Burrows. The secret the two share gives a wonderful plot twist that bridges the gap between upstairs Featherways and downstairs Burrows.

Synopsis - Red Peppers

“Red Peppers” tells about a down-on-their-luck, fading vaudeville couple. George and Lily Pepper bicker with not only each other, but with the world around them.

Author: Noel Coward

Historian’s Corner

Players selected three of the more popular one acts from Noel Coward’s “Tonight at 8:30” (a cycle of nine one act plays). Martin LaFollette directed “Hands Across the Sea” and “Red Peppers” while Lou Ann McClure directed “Family Album.” Miss Janet Hayslip choreographed the dances for the musical numbers.