November 16, 1928


Illini Theatre


This story deals with Tommy, Marie Thurber, the Thurber family, Bernard, to say nothing of Uncle Dave. The Thurber family all like Tommy. He is the typical sort of clean natural youngster who brings presents to Marie’s Mother and Father. Tommy always does the right thing and is distinctly human. But Marie gets tired of having Tommy thrown up in her face—a gloriously human reaction—and turns to Bernard, who is more of modern youth. Uncle Dave Tuttle sees the way things are going. He loves Marie and Tommy and wants then to be happy, so he takes a hand in the situations and the result of his efforts for a large part of this joyous entertainment and brings about a happy ending.

Authors: Howard Lindsay and Bertrand Robinson

Historian’s Corner

Following in the footsteps of the success of the comedy “The Butter and Egg Man,” Community Players once again slated a comedy to start their season. The Bloomington audience showed its appreciation by buying out all tickets before the scheduled close of the ticket sale.