The Willow and I


February 10 & 11, 1955


Scottish Rite Temple


“The Willow and I'” tells the story of two sisters in 1900 who are in love with the same tall, young man. One of the sisters is frail and gentle; the other is robust and assertive and used to getting what she wants. But it is the gentile girl that the young man loves, but all goes wrong when the other sister threatens suicide, driving the gentle girl into a state of shock. In her mind, it is always her wedding day. And then, in the violence of a summer storm, she awakens to the events of the day and learns that her lover married the sister and died but that they had a son who is very like the father. You may guess whose face she first sees when she returns to reality.

Author: John Patrick

Historian’s Corner

“The Willow and I” represented the first serious drama that Players had performed since the 1949-1950 season.