The Slave with Two Faces and The Sculptor of Melos


July 10, 1924


Garden of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Evans

Synopsis - The Slave with Two Faces

An allegory about gender relations. Once the Youth shows the slightest signs of fear, Life takes advantage of her and ultimately destroys her.

Synopsis - The Sculptor of Melos

In Melos, the ancient city of the Greeks, on a hill’s crest, sat the house of Philotius the sculptor. King Memiades had made the promise of a splendid prize to anyone who should carve a statue worthy of holding the palce of honor in his theatre. A score of sculptors vied with each other for the glory. Until the judges had passed upon the winning work, no other eye might look upon it.

The Slave with Two Faces - Author: Mary Carolyn Davies

The Sculptor of Melos - Author: Edward Peple

Historian’s Corner

In addition to directing both plays, Winifred Kates James also dramatized the story of “The Sculptor of Melos” from Edward Peple’s classic Greek tale of how we came to get the famous statue of Venus de Milo.