The Romancers


June 12, 1930


In the Court at Sunset Hills-The home of Mrs. Davis Ewing


The story of two youngsters whose parents wish them to marry. The young people are determined to take matters into their own hands and refuse to fall in with their parents plans. The fathers then pretend to a mortal enmity, which brings the young people together, but only after the boy and girl have run away from home and returned disillusioned.

Author: Edmond Rostand

Historian’s Corner

The two performance run of “The Romancers” was held at the Home of Mrs. Davis Ewing. Today the home and grounds are known as Ewing Manor. It was sponsored by the executive committee and marked a one time return to a summer production for Community Players. However, this time the show was not given just for season ticket holders, but it was open to the public. Seating was limited to 125 seats per performance and 250 people saw the two shows. This practice of non-season summer shows was revived in 1991, and continues to this day. Since 1978, the Illinois Shakespeare Festival has made its summer home on the grounds of the Ewing Manor.