The Philadelphia Story


September 5-7 & 11-14, 2014


Community Players Theatre


“The Philadelphia Story” tells the story of Tracy Lord (of the Philadelphia Lords), a headstrong and spoiled daughter of the privileged. Divorced from C.K. Dexter Haven, she is currently engaged to a successful young snob. A society weekly sends a male reporter and female photographer to cover the wedding. Tracy finds herself growing interested in the reporter, Mike Connor, and following the pre-wedding bash, they take a moonlight swim and are then surprised by Dexter and the fiancé. The following morning her intended smugly forgives her, enraging Tracy, who breaks off the engagement. Connor offers to marry her, but she turns him down and remarries Dexter, the real love of her life, after all.

Author: Phillip Barry

Historian’s Corner

The originally scheduled director for this classic comedy, Jeremy Stiller, sadly had to step down due to unseen circumstances. Tricia Stiller gladly stepped in to help out and directed the show. The show was called a sweet, polished and fun show for the audience.