The Great Sebastians


April 17 & 18, 1958


Scottish Rite Temple


The Great Sebastians are a vaudeville team that does a mind-reading act, and their bookings have taken them to Prague, Czechoslovakia, in 1948. As they find themselves being manipulated by the authorities for their own purposes, they need to keep their integrity, recover their life savings in the form of a valuable stamp, and make a dash for the border. Will they make it?

Authors: Howard Lindsey & Russel Crouse

Historian’s Corner

“The Great Sebastians” was well-received by both audiences and the reviewer. In a note from President Chrisman, audiences were informed that after 13 years at the Consistory, Players would open their next season in their own little theatre. The audiences of the past were thanked, and it was hoped that they would continue to be supportive to the Players as they moved on to the next step in their history, their own theatre.