The Dover Road


November 18, 1925


Bloomington High School Auditorium


Leonard and Anne drive along the lover’s road to Dover, intending to embark for Calais and go to Paris. The car breaks down and Sanders takes them to a nearby hotel, which turns out to be a residence with servants, owned by a Mr. Latimer. They are told that they cannot leave for seven days so that they can see if marriage between them will work. The next day, Anne begins to notice things about Leonard that she ignored before. Another couple in the house are about to leave after seven days-Leonard’s wife Eustasia and her lover Nicholas.

Author: A.A. Milne

Historian’s Corner

At the intermission between the second and third acts, Mrs. E.P. Sloan, Vice-President announced the playwriting contest had been extended to 9:00p.m on February 28, 1926. Following the close of the play, Mr. Davis Ewing was elected President of The Community Players during a meeting of the active membership.