The Cradle Song


December 9 & 10, 1930


Illini Theatre


“The Cradle Song” tells the story of a child brought to a convent and the extraordinary change in the lives of the nuns wrought by the presence of the infant. The child grows up to young womanhood, and the nuns lavish upon her all the tenderness which is usually absent from the lives of those who have dedicated themselves to God. At last the girl falls in love and leaves the home which has been made for her.

Author: G. Martinez Sierra, Translated from the Spanish by John Garrett Underhill

Historian’s Corner

Several Dominican sisters from Holy Trinity parish had given assistance to the production. In appreciation for all of the help that was given to the actors in preparation for the show, sisters from Holy Trinity, St. Patrick’s and St. Mary’s parishes and from St. Joseph’s hospital were the guests of the Players at their final dress rehearsal.