Susan and God (1964)


February 14-16, 19-22, 1964


Community Players Theatre


Susan Troxel is a socialite returning from Europe to her small community of rich and successful friends, suddenly fired up with the urge to save the world, inspired by a new-fangled religious movement she stumbled across on her visit to Britain. Determined to introduce—or rather—impose this inspiring vision of God’s word on her social group and America in general, she plunges into her project partly to avoid dealing with her alcoholic husband and troubled daughter. After promising to help both her husband and daughter, Susan finds that her own happiness is connected to theirs and that she has found God through helping her family.

Author: Rachel Crothers

Historian’s Corner

The Pantagraph published a series of articles honoring both Bloomington native, Miss Rachel Crothers (the author of “Susan and God”) and the inspiration for the play, Mrs. Carl Vrooman. These ladies remained friends throughout Miss Crother’s life. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Vrooman were both present for the Broadway opening of “Susan and God,” sitting next to Miss Crothers. This was the second time that Players presented “Susan and God.” The first performance was in October of 1939. Players was the first amateur group to get permission to perform the play. Thanks to Miss Crothers association with Bloomington, Illinois, the Players were able to perform the play without paying any royalties. Miss Crothers also sent an opening night telegram to congratulate the Players.