Send Me No Flowers


April 3-5, 8-11, 1964


Community Players Theatre


“Send Me No Flowers” tells the story George Kimble, a Westchester commuter whose favorite hobby is hypochondria. When he mistakenly overhears his doctor discussing another patient with heart trouble, George prepares to meet the end bravely, sure that it is his time! Putting his affairs in order, he writes a heartbreaking letter to his wife to be read at his eulogy. He even arranges a good second husband for his-soon-to-be widow, with a cemetery plot for three: himself, his wife, and the new, future Mister Kimble.

Authors: Norman Barasch and Carroll Moore

Historian’s Corner

“Send Me No Flowers” only played for 40 performances on Broadway during the 1960-1961 season but proved to be very popular with community and summer stock theatres. The show was well received by Players’ audiences.