Second Time Around


September 26-27 & October 3-5, 9-11, 1980


Community Players Theatre


Senior citizens Samuel Jonas and Laura Curtis, a widower and a widow, strike up a love affair. When they announce plans to live together without marrying so they can keep social security benefits they’d otherwise lose, their children hit the ceiling even though they were never close to their deceased parent, and their own marriages leave a lot to be desired. Sam’s daughter is married to her ex analyst, a stuffy neurotic, and Laura’s son has a wife who is paranoid about food additives and their sexual performance. All ends well for the elderly twosome, but not before the entire second generation is in nervous fits.

Author: Henry Denker

Historian’s Corner

“Second Time Around” was the opening show for another five show season (the third such season a row). This production was Tony Holloway’s 11th directing assignment for Players. A photo article in a special Entertainment Section of the Pantagraph featured a color photo of Hilda Gummermann and Larry Connolly, the leading actors on the cover. This production was the first show for Alan Wilson, who has gone on to served as president of Players from 2004-2006 and 2014-2016. The price for the season tickets was now $15.00 for the five shows. The show was both a critical and financial success.