Personal Appearance


February 22 & 23, 1945


Majestic Theatre


“Personal Appearance” tells, in the lightest and most frolicsome fashion, the story of a famous female movie star who travels about the country making personal appearances for publicity purposes. The lady, however, is so susceptible to masculine charm that she has to have a special manager with her to keep her out of mischief. She simply cannot resist flirting with any good-looking young man who happens to cross her path. It can easily be imagined into what amusing complications this propensity involves the movie star when she steps into a combination tourist home and gasoline filling station attended by a couple of good-looking youths.

Author: Lawrence Riley

Historian’s Corner

“Personal Appearance” was the first play since the 1941-1942 season to have a two performance run. The program for “Personal Appearance” included a history of Community Players from 1923 to 1945. Unbeknown at that time to the Players, this would be the last play they performed at the Majestic Theatre.