Murder at the Howard Johnson’s


December 1-4, 2011


Community Players Theatre

A Lab Theatre Production


“Murder at the Howard Johnson’s” is set in the early 1970’s. There is a love triangle taking place at the Howard Johnson’s Motor Inn between Arlene, her husband, Paul, and their dentist, Mitchell. This suspense comedy requires that at the end of each act, one member of the triangle is to be eliminated by the other two. Which two survive?

Authors: Ron Clark and Sam Bobrick


Historian’s Corner

Murder at the Howard Johnson’s Preview (Curtain Calls 7.4, November 2011, p3)

“Murder at the Howard Johnson’s” was a Lab Theatre Production scheduled to run only one week. This show marked the directorial debut of Dave Lemmon, a long time Players actor, producer and sound operator. This show was well received by the audiences and had good houses for the four show run.