Mr. Barry’s Etchings


April 14 & 15, 1955


Scottish Rite Temple


Judson Barry is an enthusiastic etcher and has made a marvelous imitation of a $50 bill. Barry would never think of doing anything dishonest, but his town, which has been in the hands of political jugglers is in financial difficulties. Barry uses his “money” to help good causes and political campaigns to drive out the crooks. When real counterfeiters come along and try to propose a partnership, Barry turns them in to the police, which incriminates him too. Luckily, a movie executive offers Barry a large amount of money for his story. Barry accepts, but only for the amount of money he has counterfeited, plus 10% to exchange the bad money for good money. He even cheerfully accepts whatever legal penality is imposed upon him. He is looking forward to a short jail term in peace and quiet.

Authors: Walter Bullock and Daniel Archer

Historian’s Corner

The president announced at the end of year meeting that the total membership for the 1954-1955 season was 2,217. At this meeting the chairman of the nominating committee presented the slate of officers for the next season. The recommendation was also made that the president now serve two-year terms. The motion passed unanimously, and Ron Smith was re-elected for a second term.