Mr. and Mrs. North


April 14, 1944


Majestic Theatre


Pamela and Gerald North are a pleasant young couple living in Greenwich Village. Except for the fact that Pam is full of hair-brained ideas, they live an uneventful life, until one afternoon Jerry opens the closet door to make cocktails and out falls the dead body of a strange man. The body is identified as as that of Mr. Brent, the husband of one of Pam’s friends. The investigation proceeds-rockily under the direction of a harrassed police detective, Lieutenant Weigand. It now comes out that Pam had written the dead man, asking him to visit her in order to patch things up between him and his wife. Also at the time Brent was killed, Jerry was—he says—walking in the park. Everyone else seems to have an alibi. Just as Pam is about to be given some important information by the postman, he is killed. All fingers of suspicion point at Pam and Jerry. Jerry is worried, but Pam is pleased to be thought so naughty. It is Pam of all people who finally unmasks the murderer with her ingenious accusations, and of course the explanations follow in quick order. Absolved of suspicion, the Norths plan to move to another apartment where there will be “less closet space.”

Author: Owen Davis, From the “Mr. and Mrs. North” stories by Frances and Richard Lockridge

Historian’s Corner

“Mr. and Mrs. North” was selected to close out the season for Players because it was listed as one of the ten best plays of 1941-1942 Broadway season. It was also a popular radio program and so it had name recognition.