Light Up the Sky


March 16 & 17, 1951


Scottish Rite Temple


“Light Up the Sky” takes place in the hotel room of Miss Irene Livingston prior to the opening of a new play and follows a truck driver turned playwright, Peter Sloan, watching his first play being produced in Boston. This backstage comedy features the grandly tempermental leading lady, Irene; her sarcastic gin rummy playing mother, Stella; the flamboyant director, Carleton Fitzgerald; the low-brow producer, Sidney Black; and his ice-skating wisecracking wife, Frances. The opening night seems to go awry and the producer, cast, etc. believe it is a flop and turn against each other, the producer, and the author. However, when it turns out that the reviews are favorable, the tables are turned.

Author: Moss Hart

Historian’s Corner

It was announced at the end of the year meeting that a total of 2,282 season tickets were sold for season. This total beat the 2,100 of several years ago as the best sales for a season. It was also reported that single admission sales were the highest ever, recorded at $1,279.50, which was $200.00 over previous seasons. These sales reflected the 500 available non-season ticket seats.