Ladies of the Jury


March 6 & 7, 1941


Majestic Theatre


In a small town, a jury is selected, and a murder trial is held. The dramatic proceedings are amusingly interrupted from time to time by Mrs. Crane, an eccentric juror. When the jury retires to deliberate, the first ballot is eleven for “Guilty” and one for “Not Guilty.” Mrs. Crane has her own theories and she will not give in; she knows that capitulation means sending an innocent woman to her death. Two days (two acts) pass in the jury room as Mrs. Crane uses her unorthodox means to change minds.

Author: Fred Ballard

Historian’s Corner

Mrs. Frank Funk had originally been cast in the leading role of Mrs. Crane, but due to illness, Mrs. S.H. Osterhoudt took the part with only two weeks to rehearse until the opening. Mrs. Osterhoudt was praised for her performance.