James and the Giant Peach (2024)


July 15th & 16th @ 7 PM


August 29th, 2024


August 30th-31st, September 1st, September 6th-8th, 2024

Preview, Fridays & Saturdays @ 7:30pm • Sundays @ 2:30pm


Community Players Theatre

by David Wood

Based on the book by Roald Dahl

Audition Information

The staff of James and the Giant Peach are looking to cast a well rounded and diverse group of 20 individuals to bring this production to the stage. We welcome all genders, races, and ages 10+ to audition.

You must be at least 10 years old by July 17th, 2024

The audition will consist of readings from the script. You will audition for Director Ashleigh Rae-Lynn, Asst. Director Michael Braun, and producers Darlene Lloyd and Jay Hartzler.

Character Breakdown

Parts have been broken down to offer more opportunities to individuals wanting to get involved.

JAMES – Our young hero; from a downtrodden, lonely child, he develops into a brave "captain" of the insect band; he acts as narrator too.

OLD-GREEN-GRASSHOPPER– Elderly, genial, courteous, avuncular, musical (they play the violin), and helps narrate.

MISS SPIDER – Occasionally sharp, even a little sinister, but ultimately kind; uses marathon-thread spinning to save the peach and is truly heroic. Acrobatics is a plus but not a requirement.

CENTIPEDE – A sparky, cocky, warm-hearted Jack-the-lad.

LADYBIRD – Posh though not prissy, pretty though not vain, volatile though level-headed.

EARTHWORM – Not only blind, but a pessimist, a doom merchant whose standing in the group and whose self-esteem improves, thanks to James.

AUNT SPIKER – Mean, nasty, and greedy. Their only focus is using James and the Peach to make money.

AUNT SPONGE – Vain, cruel, and appalled at anything that isn’t their own reflection.

ENSEMBLE CHARACTERS: TV Reporter*,Tour Guide*, Captain*, First Officer*, Second Officer*, Mr. Trotter*, Mrs. Trotter*, Old Man*, Tourists, Visitors, Sharks, Seagulls, Fish, Octopus, and New York citizens.
*Denotes ensemble with speaking lines

Audition Sides