Her Master’s Voice


February 6 & 7, 1936


Bloomington High School Auditorium


The story concerns Queena Farrar, a former opera singer from Homewood, New Jersey. Mrs. Farrar’s mother now lives with the couple, which adds to Mr. Farrar’s troubles. Mr. Farrar loses his job. Now comes Aunt Min to take Mrs. Farrar away and try to forget her husband, whom Aunt Min considers worthless. Through a funny twist, the aunt mistakes Farrar for the house servant and eventually employs him at her estate-the very place she takes Queena. Aunt Min becomes rather fond of George, as she now calls Ned Farrar, when she finds out he is the husband of her neice-well, what can she do, after praising him so?

Author: Clare Kummer

Historian’s Corner

Burns Mantle listed “Her Master’s Voice” in his best plays of 1933-1934. Once again production conflicted with the Majestic Theatre required Players to secure a new venue for this production. Community Players returned to the auditorium at Bloomington High School.