March 22-25, 2012


Community Players Theatre


“Hauptmann” is the extraordinary tale of a German immigrant sentenced to death and executed for the abduction and murder of the Lindbergh baby. Facing a nation that has already declared his guilt, Bruno Hauptmann, with the help of the six guards watching his cell, tells his side of “The Crime of the Century,” recreating the events leading up to his incarceration.

Author: John Logan


Historian’s Corner

Hauptmann Preview (Curtain Calls 7.5, January 2012)

“Hauptmann” is a serious drama that is told in a very fascinating way. The reviewer spoke of the quality of the actors bringing to life the characters, such as the narrator becoming the titled character speaking broken German, as well as the six guards, and how easily they slip into the real-life people of the trial who had been affected by “The Trial of the Century.”

Dramas are usually very carefully selected by the play reading committees because they are not always the audience favorites, yet when one of quality comes along to tell a compelling and fasinating story, our patrons enjoy and support them.