October 19 & 20, 1933


Majestic Theatre


Old Bullivant (otherwise know as “Grumpy”) is a crusty old man who, nevertheless, has a soft spot especially when it comes to his granddaughter, Virginia. The girl’s sweetheart, Earnest Heron, is in the midst of delivering an extremely valuable diamond for a South African company. This attracts the attention of con man Chamberlin Jarvis and he gets near his mark by courting Virginia. Although Jarvis manages to steal the diamond, he doesn’t hang on to it for very long because Grumpy, a retired criminal lawyer, figures out Jarvis’ game.

Authors: Horace Hodges and T. Wigney Percival

Historian’s Corner

The presentation of “Grumpy” marked the opening of Community Players eleventh season. It also marked a change in using a different director, Mr. J.B. Austin. “Grumpy” was also the first play to be presented in the Majestic Theatre. Many patrons appreciated the move to the Majestic Theatre as it was more centrally located in Bloomington.