Gramercy Ghost


May 8-9, 15-17, 21-23, 1981


Community Players Theatre


Most people have inherited property, but we never hear of anyone’s inheriting a ghost. Nancy Willard did. This attractive girl, who works for a publisher, is engaged to Parker Burnett. When Amelia Bullock, Nancy’s landlady and owner of a delightful old house, dies at the age of 103, Nancy learns that she has been left something named Nathaniel Coombes. Nathaniel is a young and handsome Revolutionary soldier who had been ambushed and killed in 1776 and is now doomed to an earth-bound existence as a ghost in the neighborhood of Nancy’s apartment. He cannot get into heaven because he has failed to deliver a message to George Washington. It was all the fault of a pretty bar-maid who caused him to forget his duty. Nancy, incidentally, is the only living being who can see Nathaniel. When Charley Stewart, an attractive young newspaperman, comes to Nancy’s apartment seeking data on the late Miss Bullock, Nancy finds her life even more complicated, since there are now three young men (if we include Nathaniel) interested in her. It is Charley, of course, who learns how to exorcise the ghost and win Nancy away from Parker. But it is Nathaniel who ultimately enables Nancy to choose the right husband, and on his accomplishing this, he gains admittance to heaven at long last.

Author: John Cecil Holm

Historian’s Corner

Closing out the 1980-1981 season was the classic comedy “Gramercy Ghost.” The play was only a moderate success. The program again had an order form for the Third Annual Awards Banquet. The banquet was held on June 6, 1981 at the Central Station Restaurant. The third annual “Friends of Players” award was given to Tony and Sara Holloway for their years of service and dedication to Community Players. Voting for the other award winners were season ticket holders who received their ballots through the mail. Entertainment for the evening was hosted by Janet Calvert and scenes from the three plays and two musicals of the season were performed. The five shows selected for the 1981-1982 season were announced during the meeting.