Goodbye, My Fancy


October 11 & 12, 1951


Scottish Rite Temple


“Goodbye, My Fancy” is about a liberal congresswoman, Agatha Reed, who returns to her alma mater as an honorary visitor. Since her wartime experiences in Europe, she has devoted herself to the task of acquainting people with the horrors of war, which is why she brought a documentary with her to be shown to the young students. The movie is considered harsh and inappropriate by the trustees, so she has a fight on her hands. The conflict exposes the university president, James Merrill, as a spineless and irresolute figure, instead of the upstanding and outspoken professor whom Miss Reed thought she was in love with for so many years. The disenchantment drives her into the arms of a wartime acquaintance, Matt Cole, who, as a photographer is there to cover the event.

Author: Fay Kanin

Historian’s Corner

In May, at the start of the 1951-1952 season, the Consistory board sent Players a new contract to be reviewed and accepted for the season. Of special note was a modified item 7, the censor committee. This committee required Community Players to send one member of their board and three copies of each play to be read by the Consistory board. Also included in this contract was language spelling out the costs and fines for not following the contract. The Players agreed to all items. At this same time, a dispute arose between the building committee, seeking places for a permanent Players home, and the newly elected president of the board over the feasibility of purchasing the old Majestic Theatre and renovating the building. The new president wanted their report brought before the membership for a vote because he felt this was a good deal and should not be passed by. The committee felt it was too cost prohibitive for the Players to undertake at this time. The result of this conflict was the resignation of the newly elected president. The executive board had to meet twice in August to vote on a replacement president as the two vice presidents could not take the position at that time. This was the first time such actions had occurred in the history of the Players.