Funny Girl


May 5-7, 11-13, 17-20, 1995


Community Players Theatre


“Funny Girl” follows the life of Fanny Brice, an aspiring Broadway actress. She starts off the show as the ‘ugly duckling’ struggling to find work on Broadway. Then, with the help of her dance instructor, Eddie, she lands a leading role and eventually becomes a major star. Meanwhile, she falls in love with a handsome gambler, Nick Arnstein. After a long courting process, during which Nick would leave for months at a time, Fanny and Nick finally get married. Fanny gives up her Broadway career to follow Nick, but she is forced to return to the stage when the couple runs out of money. In the end, Fanny has to use all her money to support Nick’s crazy business ventures. Eventually, Nick gets arrested and the he and Fanny split up for good.

Book by Isobel Lennart, Music by Jules Stein, Lyrics by Bob Merrill

Historian’s Corner

The 72nd season for Community Players closed with the musical “Funny Girl.” The review for this show was more than mixed, at times it seemed mean spirited. After the review came out, there were many letters to the editor asking things such as what show did the reviewer watch? The many letters of support reminded readers that community members put in countless hours working and rehearsing to put on shows for their fellow community members. They do it as a hobby or they do it because they love theater and the creative challenges it may bring to entertain others. Theatergoers were encouraged to go and see the musical and make up their own minds.