Fresh Fields


May 7 & 8, 1937


Majestic Theatre


Two sisters, Lady Mary, a widow, and Lady Lillian, inherit a Belgian mansion without the income necessary for its upkeep. Lady Mary’s husband, a Mr. Crabbe, had made the aquaintance of a warm-hearted family by the name of Pidgeon. In due course, Mrs. Pidgeon, her daughter, Una, and her brother Tom Larcomb call on the two ladies, with the result that the Pidgeons take up residence with the aristocratic sisters as paying guests. Mrs. Pidgeon, a blatant person, now very rich, at first dreadfully offends Lady Strome, a weathly grande dame, by producing her check book when it is proposed that her daughter Una should be brought out by the insulted Society magnate. However, things straighten out astonishingly well within a couple of months. Una, who had been a gauche, clumsy girl, makes a success at court when presented by Lady Strome, and finally pairs off with Lady Mary’s son, Tim, who at first glance detested her. Also, the very downright Tom Lancomb makes violent love to the not unresponsive Lady Lilian, sweeping her off of her feet. Lady Mary and Mrs. Pidgeon, left to their own devices, plan to go around the world together.

Author: Ivor Novello

Historian’s Corner

“Fresh Fields” was a show that was first presented in England and then went on to be performed on Broadway. This was also the first show to have a Chicago professional director, Mr. James Bradley-Griffin was hired to come down to Bloomington and direct for the Community Players.