Five One Act Plays


February 24, 1925


Illinois State Normal University Auditorium

Synopsis - Mirage

A tragic tale of the relationship between Polaina, a Hopi Princess and Grayson Stone, a white man who has no memory of who his is, or where he came from.

Synopsis - Oft in the Stilly Night

In the darkness of night, we hear the sounds of burglars moving about a house. We also hear the amusing conversations of a brave wife and her equally brave husband as they discuss their dilemma.

Synopsis - The House Fairy

A poetic play concerning a fairy who had “the friendly mind.”

Synopsis - Hearts To Mend

A fantasy in one act. The story is of Pierrot and Pierette who always give smiles and joy, but are in need of a romantic tinkerman who mends hearts as well as he mends kettles.

Synopsis - Ashes Of Roses

An eighteenth century miniature that tells of a colorful bit of romance told in an enticing way, has its principal character, Kitty Clive, an actress of fame and fortune still loving the familiar character Horace Walpole. Soon, Phyllis, a country girl, innocently crushes Kitty’s hope of the constancy of her old lover.

Mirage - Author: George M.P. Baird

Oft in the Stilly Night - Author: Marion Porter Smith

The House Fairy - Author: Lawrence Houseman

Hearts to Mend - Author: Harry A. Overstreet

Ashes of Roses - Author: Constance D’Arcy MacKaye

Historian’s Corner

“Five One Act Plays” was the only time that Community Players performed at Illinois State Normal University, in Normal Illinois.