Exit The Body


December 3-5, 9-11, 1993


Community Players Theatre


A mystery writer rents a New England house that is the rendezvous point for some jewel thieves. The focal point of the set is a closet which opens into a living room and a library. A body found in the closet promptly disappears only to be succeeded by another. The hunt for the jewels reaches a climax at two A.M. when four couples unknown to each other turn up to search.

Author: Fred Carmichael

Historian’s Corner

The second show of the season was the “who dunnit” comedy-mystery, “Exit The Body.” During the second evening’s performance, Bruce Parrish, the producer of “Exit The Body,” stepped in for an actor who became ill after the opening night performance. The missing actor’s lines and blocking were read aloud to Parrish over an ear prompter by Chris Terven, the assistant director, who was sitting in the light booth. Audiences assumed that the ear piece Parrish wore was a hearing aid. The audience never realized that without this aid, Parrish would not have known the dialogue or stage movement. During the intermission, a patron went to the light booth, saying where she was sitting, she could hear talking in the booth. Chris Terven told her what was happening and said, “If I don’t talk to him, he won’t be able to talk to the other actors.” The original actor return for the rest of the performances.