Deadwood Dick or A Game of Gold


January 13-15, 19-22, 26-28, 2006


Community Players Theatre


“Deadwood Dick or A Game of Gold” is a dramatization of a bloodthirsty dime novel just like those Grandfather used to read in secret. The lure of the Old West: of heroes, of redskins biting the dust, of lily-pure maidens and black hearted gamblers, and of the never-ending “Game of Gold” is still with us. In 1876 Edward L. Wheeler started turning out novels about a Robin Hood of the Black Hills whom he named Deadwood Dick. Overnight Dick became so popular that the series continued for fifteen years. Taking the most exciting situations, the more colorful characters, and the most amusing dialogue from these novels, Taggart has fashioned a blood and thunder melodrama. Long-lost daughters, stolen gold mines, kidnapped heroines, and hairbreadth escapes abound!

Author: Tom Taggart

Historian’s Corner

Deadwood Dick Preview (Curtain Calls 1.5, January 2006)

“Deadwood Dick” was the first old-fashioned ‘mellerdrayma’ to be presented by Community Players in 60 years. Between acts, singers performed songs from the gay nineties. There was even a ‘card girl’ who led audiences in hissing or booing as needed. Audiences happily joined in the fun and frolic of this politically incorrect silly show.