Command Decision


October 20 & 21, 1949


Scottish Rite Temple


“Command Decision” shows how a high-ranking officer in charge of a World War II airplane squardron meets the agonizing challenges of bombing certain European targets in order to get the most efficient results, rather than please high-ranking government officials, some of whom place politics above practical considerations. The play is written with utmost realism, which, of course, includes a vast amount of legitimate comedy, together with dramatic suspense of a very high order.

Author: William Wister Haines

Historian’s Corner

In a humorous bit of casting, all of the fellows who had actually been enlisted men were cast as officers, and the one officer who had served during the war was cast as a sergeant. This casting was described in a Pantagraph October 16th article for “Command Decision.” Players once again offered a casting evening at their workshop space. All four plays and their directors were on hand for the auditions. “Command Decision” would offer an additional night of try-outs five days following the large open call night.