Chicken Every Sunday


October 24 & 25, 1946


Scottish Rite Temple


Emily Blachman has opened her mansion to borders to ensure that her family will be housed and fed when her imaginative husband over-extends himself. Already president of the trolley line, the bank, and the laundry, he is always borrowing for new investments. The hilarious boarders are an old maid schoolteacher, a mysterious salesman, a widow who dresses extravagantly, an aged prospector, a man who sneaks up the back stairs to visit the teacher, an alcoholic yodeler, a widow who makes her son write poetry, and a scion of an old Boston family. Both young men are out to woo the Blachman’s daughter.

Authors: Julius J. and Philip G. Epstein

Historian’s Corner

“The Late George Apley” was announced as the opening play, but when production difficulties arose, “Chicken Every Sunday” was announced as a replacement. When the Players saw their season ticket sales rise to 1500, it was announced that there would be two performances for each play. They would add the Thursday to the scheduled Friday performance dates. Also of note for this production, Tom Moore, President of Peoria Players traveled to Bloomington twice a week for rehearsals to recreate the part that he had played in the Peoria production of the same show last season. The show however received the following headline for the review, “Racy Community Play Gets Laughs.” The Players also held one rehearsal in the old Illini Theatre. The theatre had been empty for 20 years. Everything was removed except the old front curtain. It was hoped that this bow to the past would turn the wheels of fortune in the Players’ favor for the 1946-1947 Season.